Elleebana Lash Lift Pro Academy



Elleebana Evolve Lash Lift Course - $550

This course will teach you everything you need to know to consistently perform the perfect Lash Lift on your clients. Your trainer Mandi will cover every aspect of the Lash Lift experience from assessing the clients lashes to how to take the perfect photo of your work!

This is a one day course, in a small class setting, so you get the personal attention that's so important when learning a new service/technique. Your connection with your trainer doesn't end when the class is over, either! Mandi will be available to answer any questions you may have, help with areas you may be struggling in, and give you the ongoing support from the Elleebana family.

You can reach Mandi directly at (317)331-9317 or mandi@indyskindiva.com 

Your Elleebana course fee of $550 includes the following:

- Elleebana Student Starter kit  (enough product for 15-30 Lash Lifts)
-100 Microswabs
- 5 Sets under eye pads
-Elleeplex Mascara
-Isolator Tool
- Elleebana Evolve Lash Lift Manual
- Certificate of Completion of the Elleebana Evolve Lash Lift Training (once course requirements are achieved)
- A full training course with a certified Elleebana Evolve Lash Lift trainer
- Access to authorized Elleebana marketing and educational material for life to use at your disposal
- Ongoing support from your trainer and fellow Elleebana stylists even after your class is done!

You’ll work on 2 live models in class after seeing a full demonstration by your trainer.

During the lash lift course you’ll also be introduced to the world of Elleebana Elleeplex Profusion Tints



Lash Lift Course Material 


Hands on course, you will submit your 5 clear photo case studies by email to Mandi to (mandi@indyskindiva.com) Two collages for each model. These must be submitted within 90 days to receive your official certification.


To avoid having your case studies denied, please follow the case study submission rules exactly. Your case study photos are then sent on to the Elleebana USA Headquarters, and need to be in the correct format, or they will not be accepted. 



Your photos should look like this:



Important Information:


5 Models, 4 Photos of Each Eye per Collage, 2 Collages, for a total of 8 photos per model/case study.



Each eye must be done separately (2 collages.)



Each photo should be taken straight on.



Each eye needs to include the following 4 photos:



1. A "before", of the client looking straight ahead 



2. The lashes on the rod (before product is applied) showing your separation and technique. 



3. The lashes on the rod with the product applied, showing product placement. We are looking at product consistency and placement. 



4, And finally, your "after" photo. We are looking to make sure there is no tint hiding in the lash line or on the skin. The best "after" photos show the lashes dry, separated and "fluffed" with a mascara wand. 



Information that needs to be included with each model's photos:



1. Date the lift was performed



2. Age of client



3. Condition, Strength and thickness of the natural lash



4. Rod size used



5. Processing times for both the lift and the setting solutions



(Regen and Tint if these were used in your case study photos) 



Example: 6/5/3/5






Once your photos are sent in to Mandi, she will provide feedback. Feel free to send the models as you complete them in case something in your information or format needs to be corrected or adjusted, so you're not in the position of having to redo all 5 from one simple error we could have corrected early on. 



After completing all the necessary steps you will receive your certification from Elleebana! This can take a few weeks for processing. But don't worry, consider yourself certified at this point. You can get working on clients and get them excited. 



You will now receive special access to a very helpful and informative Certified Elleebana Stylists Facebook page where you can go with any questions. Please be sure to join our other FB support group page if you haven't done so already. PANOPLY Pro Elleebana Support Group.



You will continue to have unlimited access to this page for reference. You also have our commitment from Mandi Holland your trainer to answer any questions you have to the best of our ability. She is forever a resource for you and is happy to help you.



And one final perk of being a CERTIFIED stylist with Elleebana, you receive a pro discount code for 10% off your product when shopping at Panopoly Beauty. 


Thank you again for training with us!






You can reach Mandi directly at (317)331-9317 or mandi@indyskindiva.com 






Make sure to follow Elleebana USA Certified Stylists & Panopoly Pro Elleebana Support Group **ON FACEBOOK